The dashboard to manage your outreach

Take control of your church's outreach and steer it in the right direction. The dashboard was built for your church's staff to manage your digital outreach ministry. Easily Manage maps, prospects, follow-up, check-ins, and members.

The mobile app to engage members in your outreach ministry.

Your members can download the app and personally take control of their involvement in your church's outreach ministry. Allow your members to personally manage prospects, partnerships, selecting streets to reach, check-ins, profile information and much more.

Digitally map your city then track your outreach by downloading app software.

Pricing & Subscriptions

We would like to thank all those who are serving and fulfilling the Great commission. In order to continue to help churches with their soul winning we must thank you for your support of 20$ per month for every 1000 streets created and managed above the 30 free streets, and 10$ per month for unlimited prospects over the 10 free prospects. Your help will allow swapp to continue and grow. We are currently serving in over 18 countries with swapp. Thank you for your sacrifice to further the Gospel.


"I love having a way to track areas and prospects using SWAPP. It has been a great way to get our church excited about outreach again."

Pastor Aulin, Canada

Okanagan Valley Baptist Church

"Whether you use your #Smartphone app or the self checkin #Kiosk to print maps. THESWAPP.IO makes Mapping, Tracking, and Prospect follow-up a reality. Do yourself a favor and give it a try!"

Pastor Jason, North Carolina

Grace Baptist Church