About US

Creating custom software designed for your Church’s growth

With future visions to help you manage your church with software, today we are excited to be the first, and only company to build Church growth software. Your growth is our priority, and we will stop at nothing to make sure you are able to efficiently reach your community with the gospel. We desire nothing in life, other than to see every man turn to the saving knowledge of Christ. Unfortunately it’s not a one man job, we need you. So join us as we make your church growth our mission.

The Story

The day was November 24, 2016 It was going to be an ordinary Thanksgiving celebration with lots of people and food or so we thought. After the excitement and activities began to die down and people began to leave the three of us stayed. It was here around the now empty dinner table that we lingered and fellowshipped. After getting to know each other a little better it wasn’t long before the conversation moved to the topic of app development in specific, ministry applications. Without going much deeper than dreaming of ideas the night ended and we parted ways.

After a few weeks of keeping in touch the groundwork was beginning to be laid for the dreaming to be developed into a reality. A Corporation was opened, named Buildingit, and the funding was in place to begin application development. For a month or so a couple application ideas were tossed around but the one that kept surfacing as the most needful was a soul winning app. Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into and the spiritual opposition we would face. Some proof of concepts were built a name was chosen and development was quickly underway.

After spending some time trying turn church organized soul winning into a simple phone application we soon realized that it wouldn’t really work that way. So, a trip back to the drawing board where we would start all over again from scratch. From here we structured SWAPP into a true local church organized outreach software but the work was far from done. We had a soon approaching deadline of early June 2017. With clear opposition from the devil we push forward even harder in development and expanded the developer team.

It wasn’t long before we started to see SWAPP come together and bloom into a working product. Our deadline came and went and we were still a bit behind schedule so we took a step of faith and launched SWAPP for beta testing. With large amounts of interest and lots of sign ups we quickly closed beta testing and continued to refine SWAPP into a visually stunning state of the art product based on feedback. After more than a month, and a very long discussion about pricing, We were finally able to sell SWAPP as the first ever church growth software.